Property Legal Advisor

We as real estate agents provide the clients with expert advice on legal issues related with the property transactions of residential, commercial and industrial nature in Ludhiana. Any kind of property investment deal is proficiently handled by our professional legal advisors. We make available for the clients, legal advisors who help them in the Property Documentation and Property Registration for the fulfillment of legal requirements. Through the expert legal services, we ensure transparency in the property deals of the clients. Our contacts with the government bodies assure that all the legal aspects are taken care of with due diligence and promptness.


Property Documentation

The proficient service of our legal advisors helps the clients in making real estate transactions without any dispute. We make the dream of owning a property for residential, commercial and industrial use in Ludhiana easier, by giving assistance in Property Documentation. Documentation is done to change the ownership and to make transactions adhering to the judicial norms. We make them aware about the legal status of the property, legal rights of the holders, title deed and tax receipt and bills. After assuring that the property is free from any legal hassle, we get an agreement signed between the parties with all the clauses from both sides included in the document of agreement.

Property Registration

Property transaction is not all about sight visits and making choices. Many legal constraints are there between the sight-visits and the registration of the property. We have an insight into the legal constraints attached with property dealings. Owing to our expertise in the legal field, we offer registration services for the properties of all kinds, residential, commercial and industrial in Ludhiana. We assist in the property registration in order to document changes in ownership and guarantee the legal ownership.

Real Estate Valuation

Properties in Ludhiana, for various uses like residential, commercial and industrial, are best valued by us. We also share the responsibility to do the valuation of the properties, and assess the investment value of the properties. With the use of latest evaluation software, our experts offering the property valuation services make the accurate estimation of the value of the properties as an object for investment. We arrive at the value after carefully considering several parameters such as condition of property, its location, current price trends and so on to give the right estimate. On this basis, your property is able to fetch the right price in the market.

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